About Us


    · Benefits of Using Meyler & Company, LLC

    We are committed to providing personal services to our clients which include becoming familiar with the individual needs of their businesses. Our aim is to meet individual needs consistently and attentively, with the goal of a long term association.

    · An Entrepreneurial Spirit

    The success of a project depends on the right contacts, resources, and sound business sense experience. Our staff of professionals has the entrepreneurial skill and positive spirit that makes us a successful and fast growing firm in the United States and worldwide.


    · Vision and Hindsight

    When properly analyzed, a client’s financial results can work as a powerful decision-making tool for the future. Our role is to assemble accounting information and use it constructively to achieve performance---not to dwell on the past.


    · Judgment and Business Sense

    Clear thinking and reliability are the hallmarks of our staff. We are a highly experienced, responsible, dedicated team of professionals.

    Sound judgment and good business sense imply the right balance, having a sound sensible discernment, knowing when not to follow trends, and being neither over-ambitious nor too cautious.


    · Cost-Effective

    We are successful because we provide the client with cost-effective work and advice tailored to individual circumstances. Whenever possible, our policy is to encourage clients to become more self-sufficient in general accounting areas.


    · Accessible

    Our accessibility to our clients is a high priority. If we are involved with other clients when you contact us, we always endeavor to get back to you as soon as possible.


    · Approachable

    Our partners and staff are skilled professionals with a practical, common sense approach. We are easy to talk to and offer realistic advice.


    · Committed

    We are committed to developing a genuine involvement in our client’s business. Yes, we look for results. But more importantly, we believe in the potential of our clients. Our commitment is to work in partnership with each of them, to identify profitable short, medium, and long-term possibilities, and to set in place the necessary processes to achieve them.

    Of course, we are interested in each client’s performance and results. Achieving short-term targets reveal further opportunities. A client’s aim is to develop a business. Our aim is to work with each client at home or abroad in such a way as to anticipate, meet and then exceed expectations.

developed by Grace Chen